When The Glory Fades EP

by Out of Reverie

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released May 7, 2010

music by Out of Reverie
lyrics by Dain Griffin & Jake Krauss
recorded by Joe and Mike at JM Studios in April 2010
produced by Jake Krauss



all rights reserved


Out of Reverie Phoenix, Arizona

Four friends playing music.

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Track Name: Yeah, We Call It Human Nature
Kid, you were really something
Yeah, you were really something
You burned it all away
You're burning all away
Soon all you'll be is ashes
The part of you I kept with me
I kept it here with me

I don't want you sorry
I just want to know what makes you burn all night
I don't want you hurting
Pain can only teach you so much about what's wrong or right

Let me tell you one thing
The words they say mean nothing
You can find a better way
I'll show you a better way
You won't smile forever
But maybe once right here with me
Track Name: Let's Face It, You Got A Big Head Start
Jesus Christ, that's not my name
I'm not here to save you
You were getting along just fine
I'm not your degenerate
I'll show you mine
But don't show me yours
Sure rough stones can shine
But I'm not going to carry it

Don't crowd your mind
It'll take all your thoughts
And make you scream aloud
You'll fall to the floor real hard
Writhing around in the voices you thought you knew
So please, get out of my head

When I was a boy
I gave up on toys
Thinking my thoughts would save me
But now that I'm grown
The truth is now shown
And I don't like it one bit
No you're not going to like it

We're all just wild animals
Just a bunch of foxes and wolves
Track Name: The Sun Song
Watch as the light goes out
As the evening stars disappear
With half a pack left to go
And an hour or so to spare
We should have quit playing our games
An hour ago but a little time
To think is what we've always feared the most

We have a fear of never waking up again
God help me wake up so we can do great things

We are the ones who never get it right
We are the ones who never get it back
We are the ones who never see the end

Asleep in the next room
Dreaming of only God knows what
Hoping so bad I can sleep too
The sun is running late again
I hope it hurries
I need a reason just to sleep too
Track Name: Can You Hear Me Now, Charlie Brown?
Can't you hear me now
These night I've spent
Graveyard shifts as my only company
Finding comfort in all these
Peaks and valleys all around me

It's like heart failure
A sound that you never knew you had
They'll let you know how it feels
But not til your heart gives out again
I want to hear the sound of failure
I want to feel it in my bones
I want to hear it when it gives way
We're all just fucking failures now

Won't you hear me now
These nights I've spent
Farewell to arms, as we row across the sea
Consumed by dreams spent our lives passing by completely silently

We won't change our ways
Just to get out of all these peaks and valleys you put us in